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Beer and water and bloat

Well it has only been 4 days since my weigh-in, but things are going great! I’m already down 2.6 pounds and 1.5% body fat. I guess that was probably water and bloat-y weight stuff 😉

I wish I was better about taking pics of my food, I did good those first two days and then flopped after that.

I had 2 beers on Tuesday night, because I really wanted them, and because I knew I didn’t have to work out the next day. I chose to have those 2, and that was it, didn’t even want any more. And that was plenty. I’m aiming to at least follow that guideline, and try not to drink when I am working out the next day.

I kind of fasted yesterday, which means I just didn’t end up eating until 2:30 pm. I had some cereal with milk, some potato chips, and a clementine then. After some errands I had a normal dinner, salad and cheese tortellini with tomato sauce, a clementine and 3 small squares of milk chocolate for ‘dessert’. I don’t know why I ate the chocolate, Hershey’s just isn’t as good as the dark chocolate we normally buy. I thought my weight would be down more this morning, but it was only .2 pounds from yesterday. It was the body fat that went down a whole percent.

I’m not going to be skipping meals all of the time, but I might throw in a day like that here and there, and I am pushing my meals back in the morning until I’m really hungry. I feel fine other than being hungry, and I don’t seem to be eating like there won’t be a tomorrow after that, so I think its okay.

Today I’ve got 3 miles on the schedule and some kind of weight lifting. I think I’ll try and go a little heavy and do some deadlifts. Its been a long time since I did deadlifts and I miss them!!