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Weekly Weigh-in

Last week 132.8, 30% body fat

This week 132.4, 29.5% body fat

So I am still up a bit from the low of 125.4 that I had achieved in January. It really sucks, because I know how long it can take to lose even just a pound. But I’m trying not to be down on myself about it. Just have to get back at it and make my habits consistent.

This week I was logging my food with Fitbit, just to kind of see where I’m at. It seems like I want to eat around 2,000 calories every day. I usually log at the end of the day after I’ve eaten all of my meals. I tried doing it as I go through the day, or even planning out what I would eat. Something about seeing the numbers before I’m done makes me anxious. And even if I were on the low side, I’d see that I still have wiggle room and end up eating more because I could. Love how my mind plays games with me :/ I’m mostly curious to see if the numbers add up. I took my calorie burn and intake from the website and compared it with how much weight I actually did lose. This week there was a difference of .2 pounds that I should have lost, but didn’t. I did have some beer this weekend and that definitely messed with my hydration levels, and I think that still might be out of whack. My weight was down a couple of pounds yesterday and my body fat % was up. I expect it to level out in a couple of days.

Anyway, I’m going to keep tracking for a bit, until it makes me crazy or I get sick of it. It never lasts very long LOL

The biggest thing that has been helping me this week is to wait for hunger, and shoot for 3 meals per day. It has cut out a lot of snacking! And I’ve definitely been making produce the star. We still aren’t eating much meat, maybe a couple of times a week. So I’ve been adding more beans and tofu. And protein shakes after runs. Being very busy at work has helped too, most of the time I don’t even have time to eat. It took me more than an hour to eat a salad for lunch the other day.

I hope to have a better time of it this coming week. It would be nice to lose a pound?! We’ll see. I guess the most important thing to me right now is keeping up with my running, and I didn’t miss any workouts last week which was really my main goal. So yay me 🙂 But it sure would be nice to be lighter, especially for running. It makes it easier and faster!