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Marathon Training Week 11

I feel like I should title it “Marathon Training”. How can you call it training without even doing any running?!

This week actually went pretty well, even with no running.

Monday – I did pool running for 1 hour and 5 minutes. I think I did 900 yards. Sometimes I lose track of my laps 😉 It seemed like a good working, not like running but still a workout. I also did workout #9 of Better Body by Minimalism. After a week off from weights it was tough! I did some random core moves afterward. I also rode my bike to work and back, about 6.25 miles.

Tuesday – I did the spin bike for 45 minutes, mostly staying at gear 11, with some intervals mixed in at the end. Then I did elliptical for 35 minutes at level 6, just trying to keep my heart rate up. I also did a ZGYM workout, lower bodyweight moves and kettlebells. In the evening I did a 20 minute yoga routine aimed at the feet. It was…interesting!

Wednesday Pool running again, this time an hour and a half. I’m guessing about 1100 yards this time. My quads were definitely feeling it after this one. I was getting pretty worn out by the end of it! I also did another ZGYM workout, mostly kettlebells again. In the evening I did another yoga video, Stretch and Soothe with Adriene. I am really liking her videos!

Thursday – I did the spin bike for 1 hour. I tried to keep the rpms around 90, mostly on gears 10 and 11. Added 20 minutes of intervals at the end. I was dripping in sweat by the end! I also did workout #10 of BBBM. I made some good progress with my band pull-ups, most of them I was able to do with 1 knee instead of 1 leg. I also rocked my kettlebell swings at the end, doing two sets of 12 with my 44# bell 😀 In the evening I did some yoga, no video, just some vinyasas and deep stretching.

Friday, Saturday, and Sunday – were all ‘rest’ days. We went camping and had a blast!! We rented kayaks and spent a few hours on the reservoir paddling and fishing. We didn’t do much hiking, mostly just relaxed. It was a much needed break from work and we had a lot of fun.

This week hasn’t been as productive, but I’m still doing my best.

My new bike

I mentioned I got a new bike a couple of weeks ago. Here it is!

Isn't she lovely?!

Isn’t she lovely?!

So far I’ve taken it to work and back a few times, and went out for a long ride on the parkway trail. So far so good! Not that I really know anything about bikes though 😉 It is the Cannondale Quick Speed 2. I’m loving the disc brakes, like, a lot. I’m not looking to do super long rides or train for any bike races, more just for recreational riding. Like I said, so far I’m pretty happy with it! It is a lot easier to ride on the ride than my super old bottom-end Trek mountain bike.

I’ve been wanting a new bike for a while, and I figured that even if I just rode it in the evenings instead of sitting on the couch it would be worth it. And my daughter is so big now that she has grown out of her bike and taken over my old one anyway! So I needed one. I’ve since made a goal that I will ride to work instead of driving at least 3 times a week.

One thing I have noticed when wearing my Fitbit while riding is that it is pretty hard to get my heart rate up. Most of the time I’m around 115-125, compared to running at an easy pace where my heart rate would be 130-135. Since I will be using it to get some of my cross training in while I’m not running, I’d like to get that heart rate up if I can! So I’ll have to play with it some more and find what works.