Marathon Training Week 9

This week has been rough. My long run on Saturday got cut short by 3 miles because my left side just felt really out of whack. By the end of the day I couldn’t put any pressure on my left leg because my knee hurt so bad. And the next day I put on a sleeve and went walking all around our local amusement park, Lagoon. Maybe the dumbest idea ever?! But actually today it feels a lot better. I plan on wearing that sleeve again today and possibly doing weights, but otherwise resting today. I was able to take the day off from work. I hope that tomorrow I’ll feel good again. Anyway, here’s my workouts this week:

Monday – Better Body by Minimalism Workout # 7, plus spinning for 30 minutes. I’m just getting used to the spin bike again, so I did gears 10-12 for about 20 minutes, and a 5 minute warm up and cool down. It was tough!

Tuesday – 4 miles on the treadmill. I wore my minimal trail shoes and it went well. I am still very slow on the treadmill. I used to be able to run faster, but anymore I can only do 5.5 mph. Oh well. 43 minutes/10:45 paceIn the evening I also did a ZGYM workout and some stretching.

Wednesday – 8.04 miles pace. This was outside. I was aiming for 9 miles originally but only ended up with 8. I was doing pretty well with the pacing for the first 5 miles, but then it got really hard. My usual aches (left knee, right ankle) were bugging me. I foam rolled after my run. 1:12:48, 9:03 pace. In the evening I did a youtube yoga video and a short core routine.

Thursday – BBBM workout # 8 and spinning again for 35 minutes. This time I added some hard intervals for 5 minutes at the end of my workout before a long cool down. In the evening I did a yoga routine for runners.

Friday – 4 miles on the treadmill. This was the day that my knee started to feel shitty again. I wore my minimal shoes again. On the plus side, I had tried taping my ankle and that seemed to help a lot! I didn’t feel any aching/pain from my ankle. I ordered a bunch more tape so that I can keep doing that. 44 minutes/10:54 pace. I did the Cannonball routine after my run, and in the evening I did another yoga routine that used a foam roller, so it was like a two-in-one workouts 😀

Saturday – 10 miles. I wore a knee support sleeve for this one, even though I haven’t been doing that. I thought it would help. I felt okay for the first 5-6 miles, but things started to unravel quickly. I was also wearing the Hoka shoes I bought, which I took back later in the day for store credit. I don’t think they were doing me any good. I was having a really hard time mentally on this run. I tried running without the sleeve, and even ended up taking off my damn shoes for a mile or so lol That was probably a really stupid idea, even though it actually felt okay at the time. I ended up walking home 3 miles, trying not to cry the whole way. I did an ice bath when I got home, but as I said I could barely walk by the end of the day. 1:35:21, 9:30 pace.

Sunday – Rest Day.

I’m having such a hard time now staying positive about the whole thing. I really want it to work out, but I just feel like my body is crapping out on me, once again! I did not envision my training going this way. I thought I would be strong and I would be able to kill it, but it is so not happening. I still plan on making the changes to my workouts, and today I’ll go pay for a membership at the rec center so I can get to at least one day of pool running, maybe two. Maybe it doesn’t make sense to do more of other stuff and less running, but I can’t see continuing to break my body down and I just know that eventually I’ll get injured for real, and not be able to run at all. What I really need to do is listen to my gut, even though I’m not an expert on running. And quit googling running and injury stuff! I need to stick with my decision and see how it pans out. I hope this week goes better!

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    1. Lauren Post author

      Thanks Wendy! I’m definitely going to give it a good try, I want to stay fit so I can still hopefully run in October. I hope I have half the success that you did!


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