My new bike

I mentioned I got a new bike a couple of weeks ago. Here it is!

Isn't she lovely?!

Isn’t she lovely?!

So far I’ve taken it to work and back a few times, and went out for a long ride on the parkway trail. So far so good! Not that I really know anything about bikes though šŸ˜‰ It is theĀ Cannondale Quick Speed 2. I’m loving the disc brakes, like, a lot. I’m not looking to do super long rides or train for any bike races, more just for recreational riding. Like I said, so far I’m pretty happy with it! It is a lot easier to ride on the ride than my super old bottom-end Trek mountain bike.

I’ve been wanting a new bike for a while, and I figured that even if I just rode it in the evenings instead of sitting on the couch it would be worth it. And my daughter is so big now that she has grown out of her bike and taken over my old one anyway! So I needed one. I’ve since made a goal that I will ride to work instead of driving at least 3 times a week.

One thing I have noticed when wearing my Fitbit while riding is that it is pretty hard to get my heart rate up. Most of the time I’m around 115-125, compared to running at an easy pace where my heart rate would be 130-135. Since I will be using it to get some of my cross training in while I’m not running, I’d like to get that heart rate up if I can! So I’ll have to play with it some more and find what works.


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