It’s been so long…

That my computer didn’t even want to log me in to post here, haha. I haven’t been doing my marathon training posts because well, I haven’t been training. 🙁 I had a bad couple of weeks where I didn’t have any motivation, and then we needed to move up our vacation, so we did that last week. I am just now coming around to getting back to a place of normal. All I’ve done this week is one 4 mile and one 8 mile run. I’m planning a 12 miler tomorrow, but I’m not even sure that is a good idea. On the plus side, so far my body feels pretty good after those runs?!

Add to that that we have already taken the vacation that was planned around the marathon…I don’t even know how to feel. I’m not going to give up yet though.

Today I plan on getting another month’s pass to the rec center so I can get back to the pool running. I think I will try and do the 12 miles tomorrow and see how my body feels. And I have got to get back to the spin bike and strength training.

I’m feeling like it is incredibly stupid to try at this point, but here’s the thing. I’m pretty tough. Even if I just cross train all the way up until the race, I think I can get it done (might not be pretty!) without too much damage. And we already bought tickets to fly back up to Portland and a hotel room for a few nights. So either I’ll be there running the marathon, or I’ll be there and not running it.

So after almost a week and a half of vacation and indulging in too much food and booze, I’m still not feeling my best but I’m working on it. Hopefully I’ll feel all better tomorrow!

Maybe I’ll get a vacation recap together, though we all know how I am about those things lol

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