Feel like I’m starting over

I guess I am ‘coming clean’. Since the marathon I haven’t been working out, have been drinking too much again, and I’m gaining weight. I’m up about 10 pounds from my lowest last year. I’m definitely not proud of it, feeling a lot of regret, disappointment, and now it is as if I’m starting over, one more time. Just trying not to beat myself up too badly about it and move on.

What now? I’m going to start working out again. Since I have let my strength really go, I’ll be lifting weights 4 times a week, using Nia Shanks’ Muscle Sculpting program. It is 15 weeks so that will keep me busy for a while. I’m also going to get back to running, probably just a few miles most days and spin on the days I don’t.

I also want to get back to the Lean Habits, eating real food, 3-4 regular, balanced meals. Nothing complicated, just feeling hunger for a while before meals and eat just enough. I’ve been snacking a lot and it needs to stop.

And of course I need to cut out drinking for the most part. With the holidays coming I’m not going to abstain completely, but I want to save it for special occasions/weekends. Definitely not every day.

I hope to keep myself on track by posting here regularly with workouts and meals.

Not much else to say about it, like I said I just need to move on and get on with life. It’s all part of a learning process I suppose.

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